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Affecta provides objective advice and hands-on assistance to businesses in selecting and managing their telecommunications services and equipment. In most instances, our service is free.

Affecta is a better way to handle your telecommunications

Affecta is objective and on your side
We work with all the major local phone service, long distance and data carriers and access to the best telecommunications equipment brands in the world. Since we don’t just offer one or two services or products, we can help you select the best product or service for your company based on your needs.

If a carrier is having problems, they probably won’t tell you for fear of losing your business. Affecta won’t mince words – we’ll tell you what’s going on, good or bad. Then, we’ll help you make the right decision based on your company’s situation and needs.

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Affecta is experienced
Affecta’s team members are seasoned telecommunications industry veterans. Over the years we’ve served hundreds of businesses, installed thousands of phone lines and saved our clients countless hours of unproductive time (and plenty of money, too).

Affecta is proactive
Proactive telecommunications management isn’t reserved for Fortune 500 companies. As an Affecta customer, you’ll be contacted regularly to make sure things are going smoothly. We won’t forget about you as soon as the contracts are signed. In fact, each year every Affecta customer receives a free annual review.

Affecta is your advocate
Affecta can help you solve your toughest telecom problems. Our customers know they can escalate to Affecta when your service provider can’t resolve difficult service issues. We have the “inside line” with all the carriers and will troubleshoot problems on your behalf.

Affecta will be here tomorrow
It’s no secret the telecommunications industry is swirling with change. With reorganizations, layoffs and mergers sales and service organizations come and go. This can be a problem whenever you make a change or have a service problem, especially if you end up working with someone who doesn’t know your account or needs. Your telecom team should know your needs better than you do.

Many of Affecta’s customers have been with us for over ten years. Their carriers have changed…their phone equipment has changed…their “phone guy” hasn’t.

Affecta is privately held, well funded, isn’t for sale or planning to be a part of an industry roll-up. We’re here for you now. And we’ll be here for you in the future as well.

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